“Anastasiou” ltd  Translation Services - Tbilisi                            

       ''Anastasiou'' ltd  is a firm of professional Translators and Counselors based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Individuals and companies in search of fast, accurate and cost-efficient translations have found our services to be of the highest standard. Whatever it is? a document that needs to be translated or simply a quick note to your supervisor, our team is aim to please. No document is too large or too small to submit to us. 

       We offer you a variety of translations such as articles, documents Translation of Economic, Juridical, Medical, Biological, Technical, Books, Movies,  and other specific texts in a short period of time.

      " Anastasiou " ltd-  providing Personal/ Simultaneous interpretation and guide services,
 Legalization of Documents- Apostille.

Tsereteli Ave. 65

0119, Tbilisi, GEORGIA

Tel/Fax: +99 532 234 13 75, Tel: +99 591 60 11 12

E-mail: info@lexiconi.net