Translation pricing provided from one language to another will vary depending on the popularity of the language; as well the price will vary depending on how specialized or technical the documentation is. We will provide you with a no-obligation  quotation free of charge. Contact us with your documents today.

   Georgian -> English Legal Documents 0.05 $/ word

   Russian -> English Medical 0.09 $/ word

   English -> German Technical Report 0.08 $/ word

   English -> Russian Contract 0.05 $/ word

   Greek-> Georgian Poetry 0.25 $/word

   Russian-> Georgian Legal Documents 0.04 $/ word

       Our prices are competitive, and we always work with a 50% deposit before starting the translation, and the balance being paid upon delivery. In some instances (such as that of a sworn translation) minimum charges are required

      When we provide a quotation, we often will also provide variable pricing based on turnaround time required. It is always wise to allow as much time as possible for a  translation, as urgent projects will normally incur an additional charge.

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